Adventures in phone hacking

For those of you who are into mobile phones, I have recently purchased a HTC Fuze aka HTCH Touch Pro. There is a bit of work going on right now to get these guys running Android on Linux.

XDA-Developers has several good threads going on right now, and there is a rather wicked wiki page as well. If you have one of these phones I suggest trying to install Android on it. Everything is loaded using Haret and you probably won’t brick your phone.

Meanwhile, I built this image based on work done by people on the forums.

All I actually did was checkout the latest Linux kernel, compile it, then copy it to the package directory. The package itself was originally found here. Tomorrow I will try to post some videos.

Anyway, felt like sharing. Graduate school has hosed most of my free time, and JavaFX 1.0 hosed my previous project (note to self, never write software based on a preview of a language).

Ciao, Summers