AeroGear Android 1.2.0 Released

After last month’s relatively small release, we are happy to being you AeroGear Android 1.2.0. This release brings support for Google Cloud Messaging and AeroGear Unified Push to the Android libraries. This release also marks the 1.1.0 release of the AeroGear project itself covering multiple serverside components, JavaScript libraries, and iOS libraries.

With AeroGear Android’s Unified Push support developers can easily register and process messages sent from the push server through Google Cloud Messaging to their devices.

What’s new

We’ve introduced several new APIs to manage the Unified Push network. A full run down can be found on, but here are the highlights.

Registrations : This is the factory class, similar to Pipeline. It is responsible for instanciating and referencing PushRegistrar instances. It also routes messages from AeroGearGCMMessageReceiver to MessageHandler instances.

PushRegistrar : This is an interface that provides methods to manage the connection to the Unified Push Server and GCM push networks.

MessageHandler : This interface provides method callbacks which will be invoked when a message is received by a push network.

AeroGearGCMMessageReceiver : An insteance of BroadcastReceiver which will consume Intents from GCM and public them to the Registrations class.


Where can I get it

  • Github
  • Maven Central
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