AeroGear 1.4.0 Released

AeroGear Android 1.4

Today we have pushed to Maven Central our the AeroGear’s Android library version 1.4. Major features include 1) The Authorizer framework with OAuth2 support 2) enhanced Request and Response handlers for Pipe’s 3) a dedicated Push messaging module 4) updated docs and sample applications and 5) full aar support for Android Studio. See the New Feature Showcase section for more details.

Fetching is as easy as always:

Fetch with Maven

[code lang=xml]

Fetch with Gradle

[code lang=groovy]
compile 'org.jboss.aerogear:aerogear-android:1.4.0@aar'

Clone and import the project with Eclipse and ADT

[code lang=bash]
git clone
cd aerogear-android
git checkout tags/1.4.0
mvn dependency:copy

New Feature Showcase


This is perhaps the biggest change and deserving of a blog post of its own. In the meanwhile, you can view our sample app.

Request / Response Handler improvements

An example of the improved APIs can be found in our cookbook.

Push Module

Our push module is on GitHub with a sample application in our quickstart. The module is also available in Maven Central.

What’s Next

Our next version of Android will be focused on core API improvements. Specifically we will continue our modularization efforts, remove deprecated methods, and switch from using a Callback style API to using a Promise/Future style API. This release will also mark the beginning of our 2.0 branch.

Additional features will be included as modules. Currently we are planning for or working on the following :

  • aerogear-android-sync
  • aerogear-android-offline
  • aerogear-android-simplepush

Once our planning is finalized, details will be published on our roadmap.

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