Sorry about the hiatus guys, I was on vacation with my family in Europe. We saw London, Rome, and Paris. Also, we took a road trip to Roccamorice to visit my aunt and see where some of my family was buried.

It was a very nice trip which I will elaborate on further, but I am glad to be home and am preparing for BRAG next week.

Meanwhile, enjoy my pictures courtesy of Picasa.

Topics Learned from NFJS

I picked up a good list of topics to research and authors to read up on from NFJS and decided to share them with the world. These are pulled from my notes and may have bad spelling, ordering, wording, and applicability.

  • NexaWeb
  • Curl Nitro
  • Mozilla Prism
  • Google Gears
  • Greg The Architect
  • Anti-Pattern Wiki
  • Spring App Server
  • Paul Graham
  • Andrew Dupont
  • Steve Yegge
  • YSlow
  • Javascript:The Good Parts
  • YUI Talks
  • Mozilla Tamarin
  • Orto
  • jsUnit
  • jsLint
  • crossCheck
  • ECMAScript 4
  • Dr. Laurie Williams
  • Thomas Kincade (cyclomatic complexity)
  • n-path complexity and checkstyle
  • C&K Suite
  • Jdepend
  • Crap4j
  • Panopticode
  • javancss
  • Simian
  • Eric Durnemburg
  • Super Crunchers
  • Freakonomics
  • Thoughtworks Anthology
  • Haskell
  • Java Concurrency in Practice
  • Normal Accidents
  • Logic of Failure
  • Groovy Recipes
  • Programming Groovy
  • Rest is Noise by Alex Ross
  • Watchmen
  • Google App Engine
  • Eight Fallacies of Distributed Systems
  • Half-Sync, Half-Async Pattern
  • Javaspaces
  • Tuple-spaces
  • Guy Kawasaki
  • Elasticfox
  • Disk Images on EC2
  • Plan Nine

These were in my notes and are intended to be interesting topics I noticed or came up with or were prompted by the seminars. They are not to be taken as representative of the seminars I went to, nor should one consider them of necessary importance ;)

First Post

For a few months I have been maintaining an on again, off again blog on my wiki. Now, after an inspiring NFJS conference, I have decided to do a full wordpress install and make real progress on writing and thinking.

I hope that I keep this up to date better.